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Welcome to the SECODE project website !

This CHIST-ERA project is coordinated by ANR



What is SECODE ?

SECODE stands for Security evaluation of Physically Attacked Cryptoprocessors in Embedded Systems.


SECODE aims at specifying and designing error correction codes suitable for an efficient protection of sensitive information in the context of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected objects. Such codes mitigate passive attacks, like memory disclosure, and active attacks, like stack smashing. The innovation of this project is to leverage these codes for protecting against both cyber and physical attacks. The main advantage is a 360° coverage of attacks of the connected embedded systems, which is considered as a smart connected device and also a physical device. The outcome of the project is first a method to generate and execute cyber-resilient software, and second to protect data and its manipulation from physical threats like side-channel attacks. Theses results are demonstrated by using a smart sensor application with hardened embedded firmware and tamper-proof hardware platform.