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SECODE Publications

Liste d'articles relatifs au projet. Articles related to the project :

Code Theory

  • Structure and performance of generalized quasi-cyclic codes, submitted (by Cem Guneri, Ferruh Ozbudak, Buket Ozkaya, Elif Sacikara, Zahra Sepasdar and Patrick Sole)à paraitre ds FFA: GQC codes.pdf

  • On linear complementary-dual multinegacirculant codes, submitted (by Adel Alahmadi, Cem Guneri, Buket Ozkaya, Hatoon Shoaib and Patrick Sole): LCDFeb-v11.pdf

  • Complementary Dual Algebraic Geometry Codes, submitted (by Sihem Mesnager, Chunming Tang and Yanfeng Qi):Complementary_Dual_Algebraic_Geometry_Codes-final.pdf

  • Constructions of optimal LCD codes over large finite fields, Lin Sok, Minjia Shi, Patrick Solé arXiv:1704.04083
  • On linear complementary-dual multinegacirculant codes, Adel Alahmadi, Cem Güneri, Buket Özkaya, Hatoon Shoaib, Patrick Solé, arXiv:1703.03115
  • Long quasi-polycyclic t−CIS codes Adel Alahmadi, Cem Güneri, Hatoon Shoaib, Patrick Solé, à paraitre ds AMC arXiv:1703.03109
  • Coded-BKW with Sieving, Qian Guo, Thomas Johansson, Erik Mårtensson and Paul Stankovski BKW_with_sieving.pdf

  • [POSTER] Compiler-based automation of side-channel countermeasures, at European Cyber Week : Focus Day Cybersecurity & Healthcare (30/11/2017) Rennes, France : poster_INRIA_ECW_2017.pdf

  • On linear complementary pairs of codes, submitted (C. Carlet, C. Guneri, F. Ozbudak, B. Ozkaya, P. Solé): LCP_CGOOS.pdf

  • A new concatenated type construction for LCD codes and isometry codes, submitted (C. Carlet, C. Guneri, F. Ozbudak, P. Solé): LCD-concatenated-isometry-C_G_O_S.pdf

Code Implementation

  • Complementary Dual Codes for Counter-measures to Side-Channel Attacks, in AMC (by Claude CARLET and Sylvain GUILLEY) : castle_LCD_AMC-10.pdf

  • SECODE presentation poster, at Rencontre inter UMRs-DGA 25/10/2016 Bruz, France (INRIA) : poster_INRIA_DGA_2016.pdf

  • Detecting Faults in Inner Product Masking Scheme -- IPM-FD: IPM with Fault Detection, accepted at PROOFS'19 (by Wei Cheng,Claude Carlet, Kouassi Goli, Jean-Luc Danger, Sylvain Guilley) : IPM with Fault Detection.pdf